Lake Tahoe Winter Elopement | Emerald Bay

Sarah and Thomas said they would love “a little snow” on their wedding day, but holy moly there was A LOT of snow for their Lake Tahoe winter elopement. They didn’t let mother nature stop them from having their dream adventure elopement in Lake Tahoe, though. It was the best adventure ever!

S & T actually had an entirely different plan for this day. They had planned to head to Emerald Bay for their elopement, which is a gorgeous vista on the Southwest Shore of Tahoe in California.

They got ready at Heavenly Resort with their families, and hopped into a limousine to head to their original elopement spot. But on the drive there, the road closed down due to the extreme winter conditions. These two were so excited to be married, that they instantly pivoted their plans and just said their vows on the side of the road. It was so magical and peaceful from the storm, that you’d never know we were on a closed down road in these photos.

Is it cheesy to say that their love warmed us all up even on such a freezing day? Haha – it’s true! Every moment was full of sweet little kisses, dancing in the snow, and celebrating their nuptials.

It gives me chills thinking about how down-to-earth and calm these humans are. This day was a perfect example of how things don’t always go as planned, especially with weddings. But all that matters is our mindset and making the best of every situation.

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