A wedding & elopement photographer based in Lake Tahoe, Nevada

...and I am so glad you're here!


-- A bit about me --

⋒ I feel most free & alive with my toes in the Tahoe sand and the hot July sun on my skin.
⋒ I laugh at my own jokes more than others laugh at them.
⋒ I kiss my dogs on the mouth.
⋒ I whole heartedly believe that there is a Friends quote for every situation.
⋒ My plants are my children and I love all 98 of them deeply.
⋒ I go outside almost every single evening so that I don’t miss a single sunset.
⋒ Red wine is my love language.
⋒ Frozen yogurt is the nectar of the heavens above - inject it into my veins.
⋒ Everything can be cured with an essential oil.
⋒ My husband is my best friend in the entire world and we spend most of our time together joking + laughing + adventuring + Camping + obsessing over our pups.
⋒ My major in college was music and I play the flute (No I didn’t go to band camp haha).
⋒ I HATE bananas with a bloody passion.
⋒ I’m an optimist and even on my roughest days I always strive to see the glass as half full.
⋒ I’m a Cancer to my core and love geeking out about zodiac signs.
⋒ Cold pizza is the perfect breakfast food.
⋒ I love bright light and I turn on every light in the house even in the middle of the day.
⋒ Music is lifeblood and my favorites are Reggae, 70's rock, acoustic guitar, classic piano, and Lil Dicky.
⋒ I do CrossFit, but I promise I'll try to wait at least 5 minutes before bringing it up again.

I am most inspired by...

- Golden sunlight
- Reeeaaaallllllyyyyy loud music
- Random acts of kindness 
- Vintage film
- Long hikes
- Afternoon naps 
- Home cooked Italian food
- Wildflowers 
- Exploring new places

My passion for photography started about 13 years ago, with a film photography class in High School. Little did I know, this art would change my life and become my reason for existence! I continued my photography education at the University of Nevada, Reno with music as my major and photography as my minor. After college I started working a “real adult job” for several years, while still dabbling in photography on the side. It wasn’t until October of 2018 that I got tired of waiting around for my life to happen. I was tired of sitting on the sidelines, and finally told myself, “SCREW IT! I am putting myself out there and doing the damn thing!!!” And I DID! I started deep diving into my photography business that month and haven't stopped since. Aside from marrying my husband, it was hands down the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. You know that ahh-haa moment in life? The kind you read about in books? It was absolutely one of those. The coolest part? That ahh-haa moment is what led you here! My couples are my family. I do not take it lightly that you are entrusting me to capture the biggest day of your life. I will protect you. I will serve you. I will give you my best self. I will capture your memories and tell your story as honestly & authentically as possible. I PINKY PROMISE - with a cherry on top!

I pinch myself everyday to make sure this is really my job.
I fucking love what I do and I do it with my whole heart & soul.


"Emma was the best wedding photographer I could ever wish for. She made us all feel comfortable, something hard to do when I am already not very comfortable taking pictures. The quality of the photographs were phenomenal. Her communication leading up to the wedding was so helpful. She’s so creative and I would use her again and again."
- Sam & Nick