Are you struggling to find the right photographer in a sea of pretty pictures and competitive prices? I’m going to be real here - most of us actually own the same fancy camera and have similar skills + experience. So how the heck are you meant to pick?! What truly sets a photographer apart is the bond they create with you. When a you reach out to me, I get to know you on a deeper level. This will never be just a business transaction - you become my family and leave a mark on my heart forever. I'm not everyone's cup of tea, and I love that, because the clients that end up booking with me feel like my soulmates. We stay friends long after your wedding. We send silly memes to each other. We even create our own inside jokes. That’s why I’m able to capture your day from a more authentic place of truly knowing and caring about your love. 

I never want to be just a "checkmark" off a wedding planning to-do list. And honestly, I don't want to be hired by your wedding planner or your mom either. I want you to care so much about who you hire and who is behind the camera, because your once-in-a-lifetime memories deserve that - they deserve you to find your photographer soulmate. You owe it to yourself to do the dirty work of vetting an amazing photographer that you bond with. After all, you literally spend just as much time with your photographer on your wedding day as you do with your partner. 

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Capturing once-in-a-lifetime memories is more than a checklist experience

I totally get that pricing is always a concern, but your wedding photographer is an investment. In my own wedding, I really wish I had invested a little more into a few different vendors. My wedding video didn’t turn out as I hoped, and our DJ didn’t hit the vibe either. The memory of those vendors is something I won’t forget. It honestly sucks regretting those vendors. I think a lot about how in 5, 10, 20+ years, it won't actually matter what was spent. What will matter is the way your day feels, and the only two things you’ll get to keep forever are the photos and video of your day- they truly are the most important investments of the day. 



I’m here to help with all the things that might be overwhelming. I totally get how stressful wedding planning is and I’m not here to add more to your plate. I help with all the typical things, as well as location scouting. I even have a shoot guide to help with outfits and engagement shoot logistics! I'm also always happy to meet for coffee or drinks before your wedding to help ease nerves and go over all the things!

feeling overwhelmed?


It’s incredibly common that one partner reaches out to me so stoked for their photos, and the other partner is feeling uncomfortable. I totally get it because my husband is that other partner who doesn’t feel at ease in front of the camera. During a photoshoot, I constantly check energy and adjust my own energy/vibes to create a safe comfy space for both partners. I feel so confident in this skill from knowing firsthand what it's like to be stoked to book a shoot and have a husband that is less than stoked. At the end of every shoot, my couples are always so shocked at how simple and fun our time was! A past bride said to me: "we could literally receive no photos from this experience and I would just be so happy with how fun the memories were." And that is just the kind of experience I always aim to create.

partner not into it?


I’m here to help with all the basics, like wedding timelines and recommending badass vendors I have personally worked with. But my help goes far beyond that. I take my clients under my wing and no amount of making your wedding dreams come true is too much. I literally held one of my bride's dresses up as she peed last year! I will even be your sounding board for family drama if you just need to unpack some shit before your big day. The limit does to exist to how far I will go to serve you - it's in my nature to be a caretaker and it fills my cup so much.

I’m here for literally everything.


I always say I am "full service." I literally have tide wipes, safety pins, lash glue, and other emergency essentials in my "oh shit kit" in my backpack. I learn something new at every single wedding and am constantly striving to be better and do more for my clients. I am the wedding vendor that is more than just a vendor, I'm like your second MOH or best man, just constantly having your back and looking out for you.

the 'oh shit kit'


A top priority for me is to protect your energy and space. I will happily stand up for your boundaries and tell your maid of honor that this is not her day. I will even go as far as taking the initiative to help with things you may not know you need help with. Like when that super cute "unplugged" sign at the start of your ceremony doesn't do the trick I have to call people out in the crowd before the ceremony starts to put their phones away. I’ve got your back.

I’m here to protect your boundaries 


I will hold your hand every step of the way and be completely at your service. 

  • Guide you every step of the way
  • Location planning
  • Timeline help
  • Vendor recommendations 
  • Final gallery of edited images
  • Fight for your boundaries 
  • Be your sounding board for family drama
  • Hold your dress up as you pee
  • Truly here for anything you need

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SCREW Pinterest perfection and let’s focus on what real love looks like.

You don't have to be a model with the fanciest clothes and be in the most epic location to have the wedding of your dreams. I hate that the internet makes people feel like their love isn't valid if they want to wear jeans and a t-shirt and take their engagement photos at home. Fuck that feeling and that wedding pressure. What I love is creating meaningful beautiful art with you and showing you how beautiful your natural selves are. Whether that's at home in a Led Zeppelin T-shirt, a downtown date night, or an epic place like a National Park at sunset. No matter what truly feels authentic to you, I will still create the absolute best art possible and capture you two in the most genuine way. Either way, you're so cool and interesting and your love deserves to be shouted from the rooftops. 

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you've found your lobster, now what?

Take a look around my website and see if we’re vibing

Fill in the contact form to get your inquiry headed my way 

Let’s set up a call or meet in person asap so we can see if we’re the perfect match 

Time to review a quote that i've perfectly tailored for your needs

Sign the contract + pay the retainer to hold your spot

Fill in my questionnaire so I can to get all the deets

Have the best fucking day ever with your boos hand in yours

Ugly cry at your sneak peeks you'll get within 10 days & your gallery within 12 weeks

Enjoy me cheering you on every day for the rest of your lives

For those lovers looking for a small + intimate gathering, this one's for you! These meaningful quiet days are truly some of my all-time favorites. I'd love to help with location scouting + planning as well!


3-5 hours




photo + video

adventure shoot


Always dreamed of a big party with all of your favorite people there to celebrate? Then this is your jam! I cannot wait to meet all of your closest humans and get down on the dance floor with you two!

Wedding Packages


6 Hours



photo + video

adventure shoot


*Complimentary engagement shoot included for 6-8+ hour wedding bookings, because it's that important that I get to know ya'll before your wedding day!


8 Hours of photography
8 hours of videography



photo + video

adventure shoot


I'm a firm believer that you should hire a videographer for your wedding as well. Photos show you laughing, crying, and enjoying a moment. But video shows you why you were laughing or crying. Having both photo & video to tell the story of your day makes this the best package I offer!

*Complimentary engagement shoot included (photo & video), because it's that important that we get to know ya'll before your wedding day!

Engagement photos, couples shoot, maternity, anniversary - you name it! No adventure is too crazy or too far.
I wholeheartedly believe in creating real memories, so let's grab a picnic, a bottle of wine, and head to an epic location!

Adventure Shoot

1 - 2 hours




photo + video

adventure shoot





photo + video

adventure shoot


Like the sound of working with me but want something that truly fits you? Feel free to inquire and I will create a custom package completely tailored to you and your boo.

Add ons!

photo booth

super 8 film

35mm film

How do you deliver our photos?

I deliver all photos through a personalized online gallery system called Pictime. It is AMAZING! You can share the photos with your family & friends, order prints, download the full gallery onto a computer, or download individual photos to your phone. I am happy to send an example gallery for you to look through so you can see what it looks like!


How long until we can see our photos?

My goal is to always underpromise and over-deliver. I will try to edit your images as quickly as possible, but I am extremely picky and meticulous, so I spend some quality time with your images while editing them. I do guarantee couples sessions within 8 weeks and weddings/elopements within 12 weeks of your date. I also send a few sneak peek photos for weddings within 10 days of your date, that way you have a few beauties to hold you over!  


Can you help us choose a location for our session?

Heck yes I can! I have a bunch of awesome locations that I know of, but I also love nothing more than exploring new places with my couples! I can give you some ideas of places I've been dreaming to shoot, or you can give me an idea of what you're thinking and I will run with it. I am always down to hike, climb, fly, or teleport to find the most epic location. If this requires me to travel and fly across the world to meet you, even better!


Can we request specific shots?

Absolutely! I will send you a questionnaire a few weeks before your wedding that asks for allllllll the details + specifications. I will also sync up with you the week before your wedding and make sure we are on the same page with everything. I will creatively capture your day as it unfolds, but if you want specific shots, then you are more than welcome to request them in the questionnaire or in our pre-wedding meeting. The last thing I want is to miss that one shot you wanted of you + aunt Mary, so I am very diligent about capturing everything your heart desires!


Do you limit the number of photos that we will get?

Nope! I don't believe in hoarding your beauties for myself - these photos are your memories and I deliver all of the edited images to you in a digital gallery. I would also hate to limit my creativity during our session, so I take a TON of photos. The minimum number of photos I send is 50 an hour, but honestly we always jam’ to music, get artsy, and create waaaay too many memories to limit the count. 


What is the difference between a wedding and an elopement?

I am so glad you asked! I consider a wedding any type of traditional gathering - where you most likely walk down an aisle to your favorite person, say your nuptials, snap some photos with friends/family, eat dinner, cut cake, enjoy a few quiet moments during sunset together, dance your socks off, cheers, and head out with cans hanging off the back of your car. An elopement is much more fluid, carefree, and intimate. It's not like when Ross & Rachel get married in Vegas, it is much more meaningful, intimate, and adventurous than that. I am always happy to chat about each option with you as well!


How much do you charge?

My pricing depends on several factors! The amount of hours you book with me, how far away your location is from Reno/Tahoe, the size of your wedding, if you add an engagement shoot to your package, etc. I have an estimate of my starting prices on my "details" page so head over there for a rough idea. BUT the best way to receive an accurate quote is to reach out to me by filling out my contact form with specific details about your day so that I can build a custom package for you!


This isn’t just a party, it’s the start of forever

Your wedding is way more than just your wedding, it’s the start of your marriage and the wonderful future you two are going to create together. Your happiness doesn't end at 10pm when your venue closes, that's actually when the real adventure starts. For us, marriage has gotten better and better every single day since our wedding, and it's the coolest thing on earth growing and changing together. Of course, there are hard times, but this is your person, your soulmate, your best friend - and a wedding is the coolest celebration of that love with your core humans to start the journey of marriage. 

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