I deliver all photos through a personalized online gallery system called Pictime. It is AMAZING! You can share the photos with your family & friends, order prints, download the full gallery onto a computer, or download individual photos to your phone. I am happy to send an example gallery for you to look through so you can see what it looks like!


How do you deliver our photos?

My goal is to always under promise and over deliver. I will try to edit your images as quick as possible, but I am extremely picky and meticulous, so I spend some quality time with your images while editing them. I do guarantee couples sessions within 4-6 weeks and weddings/elopement within 8-10 weeks of your date. I also send a few sneak peek photos for weddings within a week of your date, that way you have a few beauties to hold you over!  


How long until we can see our photos?

Heck yes I can! I have a bunch of awesome locations that I know of, but I also love nothing more than exploring new places with my couples! I can give you some ideas of places I've been dreaming to shoot, or you can give me an idea of what you're thinking and I will run with it. I am always down to hike, climb, fly, or teleport to find the most epic location. If this requires me to travel and fly across the world to meet you, even better!


Can you help us choose a location for our session?

Absolutely! I will send you a questionnaire a few weeks before your wedding that asks for allllllll the details + specifications. I will also sync up with you the week before your wedding and make sure we are on the same page with everything. I will creatively capture your day as it unfolds, but if you want specific shots then you are more than welcome to request them in the questionnaire or in our pre-wedding meeting. The last thing I want is to miss that one shot you wanted of you + aunt Mary, so I am very diligent about capturing everything your heart desires!


Can we request specific shots?

Nope! I don't believe in hoarding your beauties for myself -  these photos are your memories and I deliver all of the edited images to you in a digital gallery. I would also hate to limit my creativity during our session, so I take a TON of photos. The minimum number of photos I send is 50 an hour, but honestly we always jam’ to music, get artsy, and create waaaay too many memories to limit the count. 


Do you limit the amount of photos that we will get?

I am so glad you asked! I consider a wedding any type of traditional gathering - where you most likely walk down an aisle to your favorite person, say your nuptials, snap some photos with friends/family, eat dinner, cut cake, enjoy a few quiet moments during sunset together, dance your socks off, cheers, and head out with cans hanging off the back of your car. An elopement is much more fluid, carefree, and intimate. It's not like when Ross & Rachel get married in Vegas, it is much more meaningful, intimate, and adventurous than that. I am always happy to chat about each option with you as well!


What is the difference between a wedding and an elopement?

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions?

No question is too big, too small, or any amount of dumb. I'm an open book when it comes to answering your questions! Wedding planning is harddddd - and I want to help you with this shit! I felt so lost while planning my own wedding, and only wish I had an Emma to help me. So reach out and let's chat! I will be that Emma to help you and hold your hand through the whole process. Heck - let's just go grab a coffee and chat in person! I cannot wait to meet you and help your dream day become a reality.

I've got answers!

My pricing depends on several factors! The amount of hours you book with me, how far away your location is from Reno/Tahoe, the size of your wedding, if you add an engagement shoot to your package, etc. I have an estimate of my starting prices on my "details" page so head over there for a rough idea. BUT the best way to receive an accurate quote is to reach out to me by filling out my contact form with specific details about your day so that I can build a custom package for you!


How much do you charge?

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